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Calf Starter-Nandini

Laying the groundwork is an important part of any successful project. For growing young calves, the groundwork involves proper growth and development of the rumen. And no other feedstuff plays a larger role in rumen development than calf starter. The purpose of calf starter is to transition the calf from the milk–feeding period to the dry feeding period. Calf starter is very important to healthy rumen development, good body growth and successful weaning of the calf. Many times challenges faced while rearing calf are higher expenses on milk feeding, diseases, reduced weight, longer time taken to reach maturity. These challenges can easily be handled with proper feed along with proper management.

S.P.Calf starter is palatable and nutritious.. Calf Starter manufactured by us contains high quality ingredients with sufficient quantity of minerals and vitamins to promote rapid adaptation to solid feed, providing the nutrition to maintain growth momentum and achieve genetic potential. We do not use urea in calf starter feeds as the calf cannot digest it properly. S.P. Calf Starter has adequate levels of protein and energy that are critical for growing calves and preparing them for weaning. Calf starter provides up to 75 percent of your calf’s energy and protein in the first 12 weeks of life. By feeding calf starter manufactured by us, containing 20 to 22 percent protein, you’re putting your calves on the right track for optimal performance. The feed is prepared from good quality ingredients i.e. easily digestible low in fibre and are free from any kind of toxins. Components of calf starters are finely crushed.

Calf starter should be fed from day four through two months of age. Start off with a handful and gradually increase that amount as the calf begins to consume all. The key is to encourage consumption of the feed while not overwhelming the calves or wasting starter. Keep calves on starter until they achieve 70–80 kg bodyweight, then gradually switch them to cattle feed. Fresh water is also essential for proper rumen development to help calves absorb nutrients and achieve optimal structural growth and weight gain. Calf starter intake, working in tandem with water, helps to establish rumen bacteria necessary to transform feed nutrients into the protein and energy calves need to grow. It’s also important to separate water and feed buckets. The first three months of a calf’s life are critical as their immune system and rumen are developing.

  • Contains 20-22% all vegetable protein.
  • Supplies the appropriate amount of protein level to maintain growth momentum.
  • High level of digestible energy.
  • Helps to reach maturity faster
  • Supplies the appropriate energy required for rapid rumen development and optimum growth rates.
  • Contains a digestible fiber source.
Nutritional Value
Nutrients S.P.Calf Starter
Protein 22%
Fat 05%
Moisture >10%
Fiber >5%
Calcium 1%

Cattle Feed

It is well known that imbalanced nutrition is a major factor responsible for low livestock productivity. Nutritionally balanced feed contributes to improving animal output as well as to reducing the cost of production. Feeding plays a vital role in realizing the genetic potential of milch animals, It is also considered critical in the overall success of dairy farm. An animal will only perform at it's potential if its nutritional requirements are met.
S.P.Solvent Ltd is a leading animal feed manufacturing company that invests in research, development and technology application to deliver superior result oriented products to its customers. Cattle feed manufactured by us provides all essential nutrients like protein, energy, minerals and vitamins etc., in appropriate quantities to enable the animal to perform best in respect of production and health . Combine that with our vast knowledge of ingredients State-of-the-art manufacturing process is being used to produce best quality of Cattle Feed to give improve digestibility and palatability of feed , reduce feed requirements, avoid feed wastage , and contribute towards improving animals productivity.
We supply feed to independent retail outlets and through direct sales to institutions. We also manufacture customize feed as per the nutritional requirement of our customer. Quality products, customer service, and regional presence are the core of S.P.Solvent Ltd

Quality Control

We provide customers with a best quality of feed , consistent in appearance, and rigorously formulated and manufactured. It is the commitment of S.P.Solvent Ltd to its customers that its products meets the highest international standards and use the latest technology in all stages of production with continuous monitoring of quality through all stages of processing in addition to:. Ingredients from best sources with excellent reputation and credibility are being procured. Proper storage and handling. Analysis of ingredients upon arrival, prior to approval of use, inspection and testing of finished products prior to shipping to customers.


The production capacity is 300 Metric Ton per day of high quality pelleted feed.


Available in 25Kg and 50Kg HDPE Bag Packing

Feeding Instructions:

For every litre of milk yield 500gm of Feed is to be given.

  • Increase in milk yield and milk fat content significantly.
  • Increase in milk production efficiency.
  • Increase in rumen microbial protein synthesis.
  • Better immune response, hence better resistance against diseases .
  • Decrease in parasitic load in animals .
  • Good growth and Improvement in reproduction efficiency of animals .
  • Milk production of animals is achieved to their genetic potential .
  • Reduction in calving interval, and as a result increase in lactation length .
  • Animals are less prone to metabolic disorders such as milk fever and ketosis .
  • Increase in net daily income .
Type T.D.N. C.P. Crude Fat C. Fiber Ca P
Type-I 67% 22 4 8.0% 0.83% 0.62%
Super 80% 25 6 6% 0.85% 0.75%

Poultry Feed

We produce one of the best quality feeds available in the market. S.P. Poultry Feed is formulated based on the Nutrient requirement of different varieties of Breed to exploit its full genetic potential. It ensures a "Solid Foundation" for excellent Growth, Health and Productivity of birds S.P.Poultry feed is enriched with all essential Macro and Micro nutrients -- essential Amino Acids, Vitamins & Minerals to attain consistently higher Body Weigh Gain, Uniformity of flocks, Better Dressing Yield and early Marketability in Broilers and Standard Body Weight of Pullets at the Point of Lay and Optimum Productivity in Layers. State-of-the-art feed milling technology with highest quality raw materials are used to produce the best poultry feed. Our poultry feed is lab tested at every level from production till packaging to keep a tab on its nutritional value. Strict quality control measures are followed at each point of the production stages. We have fully equipped quality control laboratory for analysis of raw material and finished feed to deliver the best quality product.

S.P. Broiler feed:

  • Broiler Pre-Starter Crumbs
  • Broiler Starter Crumbs
  • Broiler Finisher Crumbs/Pellet
  • Broiler Concentrate 35%
  • Broiler Concentrate 50%

S.P. Layer feed:

  • Layer Chick Crumb
  • Layer Grower Crumb
  • Layer Breeder Crumb
  • Layer Concentrate Mash 35%
  • Layer Concentrate Mash 50%

Swine Feed

Feed is the largest single cost item in producing pork. Since it accounts for 60 to 75 percent of the total cost, any saving on feed, though small, may greatly reduce total cost and increase returns. Proper nutrition and care are essential ingredients to a healthy and high-performing Swine. Backed by experienced swine nutritionists, we offer a diverse range of swine feed products that are suited to optimize the productivity of your swine.
S.P.Swine Feeds line is fortified with micronutrients, providing your swine with the maximum level of nutrition. This ration is made with natural corn, soybean, and wheat-based ingredients etc plus it is fortified with a complete vitamin, mineral, and amino acid pack to meet the needs of growing pigs. The Feed will allow pigs to maintain an excellent growth rate and muscle deposition with minimum feed cost. We also manufacture customize feed as per the nutritional requirement of our customer.


50Kg HDPE Bags

  • A complete pelleted feed manufactured with high quality ingredients.
  • Provides all the essential nutrients for maximum growth and feed efficiency
  • Helps promote proper digestion and feed intake
  • Provides nutrients essential for growth and immune system function of growing swine
  • Fortified with essential vitamins and minerals
  • Contains yeast cultures
1) Pig Grower 40% Concentrate
Nutrients Value
Crude Protein 40%
Crude Fiber 03%
Crude Fat 03%
Calcium 3.5%
Phosphorus 1.5%
2) Swine Finisher
Nutrients Value
Crude Protein 14%
Crude Fiber 07%
Crude Fat 2.5%
Calcium 0.7%
Phosphorus 0.55%

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